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Mobile Speech Therapist | West Auckland

Speech Therapy sessions are 45 minutes weekly - a regular time is arranged for your appointment each week.
I prefer not to keep a waiting list, so if there is no space I will refer you on. 

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School or Kindy

Speech therapy can be done in your child's school or kindergarten.  No need to rearrange your schedule.  Most schools have a quiet place to work if we need it, or new skills can be integrated into the day's activities.  Best of all, teachers and support staff can be brought in for practice across a range of settings for even faster progress. 

   "Without Julia's help my nearly five year old son would still have a speech delay. He loved seeing her each week and having fun while learning. He improved so quickly and I recommend Julia to everyone."  
~ Paula (Massey)

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A Mobile Office

Innovative and unique, The Speech Van has been converted into a mobile speech & language therapy room.  Cozy and fun, the advantages are plenty.  This mobile office can be parked at home or school allowing for a distraction free space if needed, or just to have a designated therapy roomfor those 'extra-wriggly' preschoolers. 

speech therapist
speech therapist


There's no place like home!  Your child's most comfortable place with a parent present can't be beat.  On the lounge floor or at the kitchen table, speech-language therapy fits into your routine.  I can see first-hand what some of the barriers might be (chatty big sister?) so we can work with them and make goals achievable and fun.

Julia Schaefer, MS-SLT
Speech & Language Therapist
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