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Hello and welcome! Here's a bit about me ...

    I count myself as one of those lucky people who gets to work in a job they love!  With a wealth of experience to keep sessions fun and enough challenges to keep it fresh, the only big changes I make is to my hair!  Yes, I am American - but not part of the Trump loving crowd... Born and raised in New York I then attended university in California where I completed two degrees in speech science and psychology with a minor in special ed.  In 2004 I earned a Masters in Speech Language Pathology in San Francisco and stayed to start my career as a speech language pathologist.

    I specialised in Autism Spectrum and continue to find this area a very rewarding part of speech language therapy.  Over the years I've also found working with behavioural challenges to be a strength of mine and I welcome these cases always.

    In 2006 I moved to Auckland and worked in a speech therapy private practice, soon I opened my own service, Speech Therapy Connections.  I have contracted to special schools, IWS, and CYF around Auckland, but I love the private work with children and their families best.  I enjoy the variety of providing speech therapy in homes or schools for children of all ages and abilities.

    My private practice has always been mobile - with toys and papers in my boot I had a growing vision .... a speech therapy bus! While a bus still sounds amazing I've settled for an easier to park van,  Many renovations later and now on my second van, I have the best little speech office out there! A client once joked that it was the 'westie version' of speech therapy - Absolutely, and we love it!

   Outside of my speech therapist career I live in Woodlands Park, West Auckland with my 7 year old daughter, our cat and 2 sheep.  Now in my 40's I find I mostly enjoy coffee and wine with friends! Healthy habits aside - I also love woodwork, all things French, running, cello and horses - and in a past life (pre-mum) there was painting, Pilates and triathlons.  My daughter attends Woodlands Park Primary and has taught me so much about relating to children with kindness and compassion - as well as just how truly hard we are all working as parents every day!

Thanks for reading, - Julia Schaefer,  your local SLT

"Our boy was 3 years old when we started with Julia and he has made great progress since. Her playful techniques worked wonders and he always looked forward to the sessions."
                                                                                                                         ~ Rebecca (Titirangi)

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Julia Schaefer, MS-SLT
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